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Call of Duty Mobile Cheats – Unlimited COD Points Hack

Call of Duty Mobile is an interesting action game for shooting enthusiasts and other game players alike, as it is fun to fight your enemies in different arena and maps. You can either choose to fight your opponents alone or you can complete challenge with your friends in order to get maximum rewards. No matter which way choose to play in COD mobile, you will enjoy the whole game play without doubt!



Call of Duty mobile version offers great action experience to their fans with its multiplayer maps and modes, HD gaming, and realistic graphics. Before you dive into the world of shooting survival, we strongly recommend you read below guide so that you can learn how to step forward other players in the game!

Call of Duty Mobile Currency:

There are totally two important currencies in this COD mobile game. We will discuss them one by one in the below section.


Credits are the main game currency that can be used to purchase and upgrade your weapons and outfit. In order to have better equipment in the battle, you also need to use credits to buy them in the gaming store. Although you can earn credits by completing daily task, there is a limit to the amount of credits you can earn each day based on your level. Generally, you can earn 50 credits when you are under level five.

However, with Call of Duty Mobile Hack, you can break through such limits and you don’t even spend long time to collect credits. It will help you generate unlimited credits to your account. So that you can buy more powerful weapons and equipment. What’s more important, this Call of Duty Mobile cheats is very easy to use – you just have to input the required information, then click process button. All done!

COD Points:

COD Points are the premium game currency, which can be earned by completing different achievements in the special event. Other than that, you can also purchase them with your real money. But we don’t suggest you pay big money on such action. With COD points, you can unlock more characters in the game, try different gaming experience. So, if you are lacking of COD points and don’t want to pay for them. You can try Call of Duty Mobile Cheats. It will help you collect enough COD Points without using hack script. This will ensure you take the first position in the survival game play mode.

Best game play order in COD mobile

You may already know that there are two game play mode in this game! One is multiplayer mode(traditional mode), the other is the battle royale mode(popular these days). So which mode should play first? Does the game play order really matter? Well, there is no 100% right or wrong which mode you choose to play firstly. But we have to remind you that you have to prepare well gaming skill and lots of time in the battle royale mode. To be frankly, we don’t suggest new players dive into battle royale mode firstly. Because, they are lacking of power weapons and equipment, what’s worse, they have no confident in controlling their characters. So for new players, we recommend them get more experience in the traditional multiplayer mode before step into the other gaming mode.

Finally, If you enjoy shooting or want to learn the shooting skills, then install call of duty mobile game now and participate in the best shooting adventures!

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