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Choices Stories You Play Cheats 2020 – Unlimited Diamonds hack

Choices Stories You Play is an extremely engaging choice game where you have to make different choices for each story. The game allows players to taking step by step to enter each story line. You choice will decide how your story will go on. There are mainly three story lines designed in this game. So you may call it three-in-one choice game. As this game has many stories and settings, you may feel a little overwhelming when playing it. That’s why we’ve made some Choices Stories You Play cheats and tips for your reference.




They are the primary in-game currency, which are awarded by completing a chapter of the story. Moreover, if you are a new player of this game, you will get a small amount of diamonds when you log into the game first time. Diamonds are usually used to unlock premium content such as rare outfits. It is very difficult to acquire plenty of diamonds as it is a time-consuming process. You have to play more and read more chapters in the game to get limited amount of diamonds. Instead, you can use Choices Stories You Play Hack to get infinite amount of diamonds immediately.


Keys are the most important game currency as you can use them to read more story chapters. Each three hours you will receive a new key. So if you don’t have many keys in your account, once you have used them up, you should wait a long time to get a new one. The most convenient way to get good amount of keys is by purchasing them with real money from the game store. Also, there are reliable tools like Choices Cheats, which can be be used to generate keys instantly to your account.

As you can see that, diamonds and keys play a very important role to succeed in this game. You should try your best to earn them. Completing tasks and chapters will be a good way to earn them. However, it cost you much time to earn enough resources. Buying them with real money is solution for rich players. The best way of all types is to use alternative cheating applications which can give you information similar to how to get more diamonds and keys fast. So we strongly recommend you try Choices Stories You Play Cheats 2020.

Different Stories

This game has been implemented by more than one story line. You can switch each story mode any time as long as you wish. Which story you start firstly does not really matters. You can start from the high school story or start from the BLOODBOUND line. It really makes no difference. You just need to pick up the one you would like to start firstly. Once you want to change your playing mode, you can return to home screen to pick another story. But you have to remember that replay each story will not reward you more diamonds. So if there is no need to replay your previous chapters, you should avoid them without doubt.

To conclude, the Choices Stories You Play game is filled with different entertaining story modes. If you want to unlock new chapter of the game quickly, then you will require plenty of diamonds and keys. It is recommended to use Choices Cheats for generating in-game currencies so that you do not have to spend much time on harvesting them. You just need to focus on your game play progress!


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