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Episode Choose Your Story Cheats 2020 – Unlimited Gems & Passes hack

If you have ever dream of playing all the romance story in one game, then you should really try Episode – Choose Your Story game. It is an extremely addictive game for all aged players. The Episode game allows you experience more than thousands of stories. These stories contain love, romance and adventures. Unlocking and managing each story is not an easy task and you will require some help. So make sure to check our Episode Choose Your Story cheats and tips, which will guide you how to master the game quickly!




It is a most important game currency in Episode game as it can be used to purchase special items and outfits. Gems are very difficult to be earned. Because it can only be gained in the form of reward by completing specific story line. Advanced game players usually acquire infinite amount of gems by purchasing them with real money or by using Episode Choose Your Story Hack. Episode hack is a generator which provides users with the desired amount of gems.


Passes are used to unlock new story in the game. Once you get used to the game play system, you will find out that you have to spend the required amount of passes to unlock the specific chapter. In another word, without passes, your game progress will stop there. Acquiring passes is also not easy. But compared to gems earning, you could say that it is a simple job to get some passes. Because the game will send some free passes to the random players each week. If you are lucky, you will get lots of passes through this way. Undoubtedly, the easiest and quickest way to get plenty of passes is by using Episode Choose Your Story Cheats 2020, which is the safest and trustworthy cheat engine that is available online.

Avoid Fake Episode Cheats:

Once you search in the internet, you will find lots of hacks for Episode game. However, when you use them, you will find them not working at all. We can say that most of them are fake. What’s worst, some of them will even contain virus or malware in their program. So when you using this cheat, you should do some virus scan before. If you meet a episode hack which require you to input your login password, we suggest you get away of it immediately. Based on our experience, once you input your login password, you will lose your account soon by using such program.

Why using our Episode Cheat:

Our Episode Choose Your Story Cheats have been meticulously devised by professional game players so that you do not get any virus or error while obtaining in-game currencies. Our tools can be used around the world and on all operating devices. Episode Hack has been tested and scanned in secure platforms. The proxy function will ensure you not be banned by the game server. By using our episode hack, you will be able to acquire unlimited amount of gems and passes with a few clicks of the mouse.

Writing your own story

The most attracting function of this game is that it allow you to write your own story. Once you have completed the whole story line you have chosen, you can publish it on the platform of Interlude. There, other players will read your story if they have interest on it. Once your story get million hits, you will be the star in this game.

So, will you be able to manage your romance story and achieve success quickly in the Episode game? Gaming Experts have recommended using Episode Choose Your Story Cheats 2020 to make your adventure to the episode world easier, but the choice is yours!


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