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Merge Dragons Cheats 2020 – Unlimited Dragon Gems Hack

Welcome to the mystery dragon lands! In Merge Dragons game, you will come across many kinds of dragons that belong to varied elements. Merging and growing these dragons will not be an easy task. You have to spend lots of time on merging researching. To defeat the evil zombies, you need to combine everything into better and stronger items. We have provided the latest Merge Dragons cheats and tips below to serve your dragon adventure well. Make sure to read this guide before your start to play merge dragons in 2020!



Dragon Gems:

You cannot survive in the Merge Dragons game without earning enough Dragon Gems. Dragon gems play a key role in this game. They can be used to purchase resources, speeding up waiting period, and etc. You can get limited dragon gems by completing daily request. Also connect the game with your social media will reward you some dragon gems. Inviting your friends to join this game also give you some dragon gems. However, you must notice that earning dragon gems with these ways is time consuming and not effective. What’s worse, you only get limited gems in return. That’s why so many players tent to spend real-life money on buying gems from game shop. However, we can assure that that using Merge Dragons hack is the most convenient way to generate unlimited dragon gems in 2020!

Keep you camp large and clean:

The camp is your dragons’ base. Once you get it, you should do some fixing on it. You can send workers to clean your camp. For example, you need to clear bushes, rocks, and everything else that isn’t of any use to your camp. The most important thing you need to clean is the evil fog surrounding the camp. You can use dragon eggs to drive away the fog. So make sure you have prepared enough dragon eggs when you decide to clean your camp.
Enlarging your camp is a must do action. By doing this, you will get a larger place for your dragons to grow. What’s more, you will have extra space to construct temples, farms, and other important buildings in the game. Moreover, by cleaning and enlarging your camp, you will earn get more extra items to help you merge everything you need.

Heal the dead land:

Once you reach level seven, you will unlock some special areas in the game. These areas are grey and can not be edited. They are called dead land. You can not walk through dead land until you heal them. The only way to heal dead land is to combine every object around the dead land. You have to combine all of them in case you miss some part. Once the dead land is healed, you can pass through these area with your dragons.

Unlock more dragons:

Unlocking dragons is the most interesting part of the game as you can merge different elements of them to acquire rare uncommon dragons. There isn’t any other easy way to acquire epic and strong dragons. By merging dragons of varied elements, you will be able to create a unique and rare dragon. However, if you want a instant result, you can unlock dragons with dragon gems. As mentioned before, you can use Merge Dragons Cheats 2020 to get more dragon gems to your account. Once you have lots of dragon gems in your hand, you can get more powerful dragons in to your camp.

To summarize, Merge Dragons is a unique and fun puzzle game that can be enjoyed by varied age groups. So, have fun while playing it and if you are in dire need of dragon gems then do not hesitate to use Merge Dragons cheats.


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