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PUBG Mobile Cheats 2020 – Unlimited BP and Health Hack

PUBG Mobile is an extremely engaging survival game which you should spend more time on. The players were thrown on an island, with nothing but shirts. Your goal is to find everything which you can turn it into weapons to fight against each others. The game only has one single rule – fight until the last one stand amount hundreds of players. In order to help you be the last one stand in this fighting, we suggest you read our PUBG Mobile cheats and tips carefully.




BP stands for battle points in this game. It is the main game currency and can be used to buy a large number of items from the game store, such as equipment, weapons and so on. You can easily get BP by completing different campaign tasks and event tasks. Once the specific tasks have been completed, you will be rewarded some amount of BP based on your performance in that tasks. However, some players may think that doing tasks are time-consuming job, and the amount of BP they earn will not be enough to buy the best weapons.

A perfect option to get more BP is to use PUBG Mobile hack. This generator will easily produce the required amount of BP instantly. PUBG Mobile hack 2020 is a very easy tool to use, because you only need to input the amount of BP you wanted, and in a few minutes, the requested BP will be send to your game account without being banned.


Health is the necessary resource in the game. You can easily find your character’s health in the main screen. You have to always check your health status when fighting each other. Once you are out of health, you will be game over in this fighting. Before each fighting, we suggest you bring more medical kits which will refill your health point when you are injured.

As mentioned before, health can be recharged by using medical kits. Such medical kits are not easy to get based on our experience. But don’t worry. By making use of PUBG Mobile Cheats 2020, you can easily receive unlimited health in your account.

Focus on aiming

If you want to give the most damage to your opponents, we strongly suggest you aiming on their heads before shooting. The easy way to achieve this is to equip your weapons with a sight. This will help you aiming more accurately. When you are dealing with the running players, you should pay attention to your first shot. If you fail in killing them on your fist shot, we suggest you give up this target. Because you have already revealed your location after your first shooting. To avoid being attacked by multi players, we advise you run out of that place as soon as you can!

Always check your maps

It is a good habit to always check your map before fighting. It can tell you how many enemies around you. You can also decide your moving path securely by checking the map. The map will randomly indicate the rare items’ location. In order to help yourself get such rare items firstly, you have to check the map carefully to make sure you find the accurate location.

To summarize, you can survive in PUBG Mobile game only if you play it smartly and patiently. Make use of the professional tips, try using PUBG Mobile hack will give you the most help to survive in this game!


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