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Toon Blast Cheats 2020 – Unlimited Coins Hack generator

Toon Blast is an interesting cartoon mobile puzzle game. In the game, you will enter the crazy cartoon world such as Cooper Cat and Wolf Wally to help solve the problems by clearing the puzzle match! The game promise to give you a brand new puzzle adventure. You are going to experience a large amount of challenges levels. Each level has its unique target, you have to spend time to clear such level. To help you conquer the rankings in the puzzle game, we provide the most useful Toon Blast cheats and tips in this article.




Coins are the premium currencies in the game. You can use coins to purchase special items such as power boosters for your match. You can get a small amount of coins every day by watching video ads and log into the game. By connecting your social media accounts to toon blast, you can also get a certain amount of coins. There are several Toon Blast Cheats, which will help you obtain unlimited amount of coins without being banned in the game!


Lives are the key resources of the game. Without lives, you can’t play the the anymore. So the more lives you own in this game, the higher the possibility you have to clear the stage! Lives can be acquired by the game free gifts reward system. You will get new life after each match level. Plus, the game will reward you five lives each hour. Also you can exchange lives with your partner using coins. But remember, you can only do this exchange every week! However, if you use Toon Blast Hack then you don’t have to work hard or spend coins, as you can get full lives every second in each level.

Buy more power boosters:

Once you progress fast in this puzzle match, you will notice that it is more difficult to clear the puzzle match in the later levels. At this time, you have to use power boosters to help you get out of such situation. Each type of booster has its own effect, but they all help you clear the current board immediately! You will get few boosters when you start the game, but you have to keep them until you think you really need their help. According to our experience, it is very hard to get power boosters in the game without spending coins. In case you are stuck up in getting more boosters, we suggest you try the latest Toon Blast cheats 2020. This cheat engine has been revised to bypass all hacking detected functions. It works like a charm in all platforms.

Join a team

We strongly recommend new players to join a team when playing this game. You can get very helpful information from your team members. You can also exchange your lives in this community. So once you reach level 20, you should consider to join a helpful team. If you can’t find a valuable team to join, you can create a team for yourself. But it cost you coins to create a new team. But if you said you don’t care about the coins, you can just head over to create it! It’s your choice anyway!

Finally, you should make sure that you have collect all the daily bonus. Because these bonus always contain more rare items in the game. You can turn on the bonus alert function in the game setting menu. Hope, our toon blast cheats and tips will help you progress faster and be the pro gamer eventually!


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